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6 Phone Android Apps That Help You Organise Your Money

[ 0 ] July 12, 2011 |

The continuous innovation of technology has greatly improved the field of banking and finance. Years ago, you need to transact physically with your bank to deposit and withdraw your funds. But now, even with the use of your mobile phones, you can now manage your money and other marketable securities.

With the help of phone apps for managing money, you can check your cash accounts, transact with your banks and view the stock market anytime, anywhere. Mobile banking and finance has a very long list of benefits. From receiving cash payments, paying bills, getting notifications, updates, budgeting and even monitoring your money security – mobile applications can help you bank on the go! So to keep your cash properly managed, here are 6 phone apps that help you organise your money.

1. BillTracker

BIllTracker, from the name itself, helps you keep track your billing records. With BillTracker you will be able to check all your utility bills, the amount needed to be paid and when you should pay them. If you are away on vacation, BillTracker can be a very helpful app for you. With this app, you will avoid receiving notifications for bills that are overdue.

2. TD Canada Trust

This mobile money application can assist you in paying your bill. You only have to input some details like your personal information, credit card numbers and utility bill numbers and you can now instantly pay what needs to be paid.

3. PayPal

PayPal is probably one of the leading online sites that allow you to send and receive money from almost every side of the world. If you need to shop online or accept payments, you can use PayPal. Simply input your credit card details for sending payments and bank account details for receiving payments.

4. Invoice2go

This app is most beneficial to business owners and online freelancers. With Invoice2go, you can send bill and invoice to your clients to let him know his payables to you. You can bill three clients at once using Invoice2go. You can also get the Invoice2go Lite version if you are dealing with a big number of clients.

5. Mint

For keeping your funds budgeted, Mint is one of the best apps. Mint allows you to check your balances and cash inflows and outflows. This app will keep you informed whether you have enough budgets to buy for something or if you need to skip making purchases for the meantime. If you need assistance for smart budgeting, Mint is for you.

6. E*Trade Mobile Pro

If you are a big time investor, this application is a must-have. With E*Trade Mobile Pro, you can view the current news and updates straight from the stock markets. You can trade shares of stocks or buy some only by using your mobile. You can also ask for quotes, transfer funds and a whole lot more with this mobile app.

Keeping your money organised and managed is one of the best steps to avoid exhausting your financial assets. Try using these phone apps for managing money and you will realise how beneficial mobile banking and finance can be!

This guest post was written by Danny from Android Table Fanatic who loves blogging about all things Android and spends most of his days testing theĀ best Android tablets on the market.

Do you use a phone app to help organise your money? If so, which one? Leave a comment below!


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